Learn how to Learn workshops

Give your child the tools they need to enhance learning and implement the study techniques required to better their academic success.

We assist grade 8 to grade 12 learners in being more effective in their studying. We understand that most children have extremely busy schedules with homework, extra murals and outside school activities. The Learn how to Learn workshop runs for four hours with a one hour lesson each week.

The sessions each cover specialised topics and teach particular schools to assist your child in implementing a successful study programme and enhance their learning.

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This is not only about mind maps.

Instead, children bring their school bag to the workshop, our qualified educators implement the lessons to your child’s current workload ensuring they’re able to implement their new skills “in real time”. They’ll leave each session learning a new technique they can apply to their own work.

We keep these workshops extremely small with no more than 8 children on the course at a time.

A to Z Tutoring also offers a tailor made course structure especially applicable to schools wishing to add extra benefit to their pupils. Contact us for more information!

Learn how to help your child learn Workshops

We’ve reworked our renowned Learn how to Learn Workshops especially for parents.

You want to assist your child to succeed and achieve the best education possible. You’re forking out for school fees, hiring au pairs, purchasing extra education books and still trying to cook dinner in between! It is all a bit overwhelming.

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Our Parent Workshop is a once off presentation of less than 2 hours. We work directly with you and your lifestyle to provide fun learning tools that you can utilise to assist your child to learn – without them even realising they’re learning.

For example, we show you how to take a fun activity like cooking breakfast and turn it into an opportunity for your child to learn about measurement, basic arithmetic and increase their reading capacity.

Skills taught also include better time management and homework planning. We also assist in navigating the large pool of educational aids available to you. Does the app store cause you to sweat when trying to determine the best learning app? Or do you not know which books would be best suited to your child? Our parent workshops cover all these headaches and much more!

You don’t need to spend truck loads of money on extra educational aids. Let us show you how to assist your child in your day to day life. You’ll save money, save time and most importantly your child will have fun while learning!

Calling all corporates!

Much of your staff, both women and men, are working a full time job on your premises, but are they giving you all their time? Or spending a good few hours of their work day stressing about their child’s education, emailing teachers and juggling their child’s schedule? Why not add our parenting workshop to your social development plans? Give us two hours with your staff and we’ll increase their productivity while benefitting your business (our training programmes can be accredited to your BEE Skills Development requirements).