Online Lessons
online lessons

Between your career, the rest of your family and your child’s already over prescribed extra mural and schooling commitments it isn’t always possible to fit in a private tutor as well. Even if you have the time you may just not have the finances.

At A to Z Tutoring we’ve introduced a unique service to assist ALL pupils in Grade 10 to 12. Our Online Lessons are short downloadable videos that cover key curriculum concepts (government, IEB, Home Schooling & the Cambridge System). Pupils are able to watch a lesson on a specific concept or watch a series of lessons that make up an entire section.

What makes our online lessons different?

  • For starters, we use actual teachers in the video. Pupils are not simply listening to someone speak while content appear on the screen. They’re watching a person and studies have shown this increases their ability to absorb the information being taught.
  • By using the latest technology (streamable videos available on your laptop, iPad or Mobile phone) our videos become “cool” and fun. Formats such as DVDs go out of date and can be lost. Our videos remain up to date on current course work & are available via our website – so no worries about them “taking a walk”.
  • A to Z Tutoring’s online lessons are affordable and also an excellent way to catch up lessons.
  • Learning via such a format ensures unique flexibility.
  • Our lessons can benefit all levels of students. Pupils who struggle with maths can learn at their own pace while stronger learners, with the help of our program, can reinforce concepts.
  • Did we mention how affordable this option is?