Extra Maths

Maths tends to be a difficult subject for most pupils. Between the Grade 10 and 12 level it is imperative that the necessary concepts and work covered is fully understood. By the time your child writes their matric exams they’re learning 3 years worth of work as opposed to one! Not understanding a basic concept in Grade 10 can leave a child floundering throughout their final high school years.

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A to Z Tutoring offers specialised one on one tutoring to these levels to improve results or assist those who wish to achieve a distinction.

We’re by no means a replacement to your child’s teacher or schooling but rather the “little something extra” to enhance their performance and ensure they aren’t being left behind.

Through our many years of experience in private education we’ve been able to develop a formula to our lessons that tweaks interest in difficult or boring subjects and creates the opportunity to ask questions freely. We guarantee a positive change in attitude towards learning!

Some of our methods utilised to facilitate learning include:

• We’re able to identify “gaps” and assist in filling in the basics of a subject which may have been missed in earlier years.

• At A to Z Tutoring we take a fun and purposeful approach to the subject in order to promote a positive attitude towards it.

• We’ll work through past exam papers and extra exercises with your child to ensure they are able to apply what they have learnt.

• Our programme equips your child with effective study tools and organisational skills that won’t only benefit them in their final years of high school but also in their tertiary studies and working life going forward.