About Us

The education of your children is first at mind throughout their schooling career but the demands on parents and students can be somewhat overwhelming. While you’re holding down a full time job you’re expected to assist your child with homework, explain specific concepts they may not have grasped at school and also, at times, develop their skills further to aid them in making their 70% a distinction. All the while you’ll also need to be cooking dinner, carting them to their extramural activities and maybe, in between, have a life.

While the assistance of a tutor may be required it also isn’t always a financial option. Especially when you factor in household expenses and increasing school fees.

A to Z Tutoring is able to relieve the burden somewhat. We offer affordable solutions to aid your child in grasping work they may not understand or give them the extra support they need to finish top of their class.

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Our personalised tutoring services are renowned in South Africa. Qualified teachers assist your child in the comfort of your own home or in our state of the art private classroom. Our private lessons walk your child through specific learning procedures to better understand course work and keep them ahead of the curve.

For the busy parent and child we offer online tutorials that highlight key concepts of covered work – a great revision tool! With our many years of experience in the education sector we also offer specialised training programmes for both parent and child to improve natural learning skills via easy to implement techniques – ensuring a more rounded child and far less stressed parent!


  • Our educators have a wealth of experience and passion
  • We’re able to offer support for Government school, IEB, Home School and Cambridge Based education curriculums.
  • Our happy parents and pupils as well as their great results speak for themselves.