• Dear Raquel.

    Thank you for taking my son in Grade 10 from Maths marks in the 60%’s to in the 90%’s. He has so much more confidence in himself and now wants to work for a distinction in Maths and also in other subjects. It has given him so much confidence in himself. Your weekly appointment is a highlight of his week

    Melanie Frazer, February 2014

  • My child has been with Raquel for a year now and this year she will be doing her matric.  In the short time she has been with Raquel her maths has improved as well as her understanding of maths.  She now has got the correct tools on how to study for maths, not only has Raquel helped with maths she has given my daughter confidence in her abilities.  Thanks Raquel and don’t forget her sister will be coming in a few years time!

    Vanessa Berriman, January 2014

  • My son Tristan, has been with Raquel for almost a year and I have always found Raquel to be very Organized, Professional and Passionate.  She is totally committed to what she does and proved this last week when Tristan had broken his shoulder.  She would not allow him to cancel, but instead offered to scribe for him so that he would not miss a class. Thanks so much Raquel!  We have definitely seen a steady increase in Tristan’s maths results, and the best part is that he really enjoys the classes.

    Karen Eeles, February 2014

  • Our two daughters attended the study skills workshop. At first the one was skeptical however at the end of the workshop there were dramatic changes. My eldest daughter is totally organised and less stressed and has implemented all the changes. My other skeptic is a changed child. She is highly organised and ready for all that Gr.10 has in store for her. They are both so motivated and confident since Raquel taught them the necessary tools/skills. I will definitely be sending my youngest daughter for this workshop when she’s older! It’s a definite must for all high school kids.

    Farzana Hattia, January 2014